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Tiger Mountain Jewelry

Tibetan Silver, Precious Stones and Unique Designs

Tibetan Silver, Precious Stones and Unique Designs

Warm, tranquil waters, breathtaking nature, floral air – Steven and Clea Hayes were looking for exactly that paradise when they decided to move to Hawaii in the late 80's. After traveling extensively throughout Asia - and getting to appreciate and love the regions’ s silver jewelry - they came to Hawaii with an idea in mind: Why not start selling all their beautiful Tibetan silver findings. So they opened a street cart stall by the ocean and started selling their silver adornments. Tiger Mountain was born.

Tourists began recognizing the beautiful jewelry sold by the ocean and Tiger Mountain quickly established wholesale accounts on the US mainland. Soon after the Hays started incorporating their own designs into the collection. Thanks to Steven’s background in art and sculpture this was the natural next step.

60 different natural semi-precious gem stones

Beside Tibetan silver and Sterling, Tiger Mountain offers more than 60 different natural semi-precious gem stones in their continuously growing collection. These gorgeous stones can be found in over 500 unique jewelry designs. Each piece of Tiger Mountain Jewelry is made by hand using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Today the Tiger Mountain office is located in New Hampshire, though Clea and Steven still spend a lot of time on the road, in backrooms of boutiques, galleries and small shops across the country. They enjoy the personal contact with their clients. It has given them a good knowledge and great understanding of the retail jewelry market.

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