Island Designs Jewelry

Turkish delights and boho chic accessories

Island Designs jewelry collection, featuring multi-cultural jewelry and accessories created using handpicked findings from around the globe.

This collection of distinctive Turkish delights and boho chic accessories utilizes burnished silver, 24K gold plating, a variety of mixed metals and agate stones. 

Jewelry designer Harry Haslett’s creations are as diverse and wearable as the fashion forward fashionista who wears it!

Global jewelry and exotic treasures.

Island uses a silver base metal, 24K gold plating, agate and druzy stones to create a unique collection of exotic earrings bracelets, necklaces and cuffs.

The silver pieces get their unique vibe with the use of vintage coins, intricate intertwining links, medallions and multiple charm elements. The metal is then textured, hammered, engraved and finish to create a modern, vintage ethnic or native design.

The 24K gold collection uses some of the same elements but has an added collection of elegant jewelry featuring, beautifully colored agates, pearls and druzy stones for a more sophisticated look.